Best SEO Strategies

Best SEO Strategies to Help Your Business Rank Higher on Google Every business owner who’s marketing online has one goal - to rank higher on Google. For most, that goal means getting at the

Google Page Experience Algorithm – Get Ready

All About the New Google Page Experience Algorithm for SEO A new SEO Google algorithm will be rolled out next year, according to the search engine’s webmasters page. While it’s unusual for Google to

Basics of SEO in 2020

What Are the Basics of SEO in 2020? The basics of SEO in 2020, as usual, come with a few important changes if you want to be successful in the search engines. There are

SEO After May 2020 Google Update

SEO After May 2020 Google Update - Best Practices The latest Google algorithm update on May 4, 2020 had significant implications for many industries that rely on SEO to maintain their SERP rankings. You

Best Small Business Marketing Strategies During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Small Business Marketing Strategies A Note to Say We’re Here For You We understand that as a small business owner, you probably have many concerns about the business you’ve worked so hard to make

Determine your Marketing Budget

How To Determine your Marketing Budget “BUSINESS HAS ONLY TWO FUNCTIONS – MARKETING AND INNOVATION.” – MILAN KUNDERA   Determining your annual marketing budget can be a daunting task, especially in the wake of

Is SEO Dead?

SEO: Does it Still Matter?   With the rapid changes that take place in the digital world every single day, many business owners are confused about what they should focus on to get the

Negative SEO Part IV

Defending yourself against a negative SEO attack    Negative SEO has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to your site’s rank and reputation. In part IV of this series on negative

Negative SEO Part III

How to prevent a negative SEO attack proactively   While there is probably no bullet-proof way to prevent a negative SEO attack, there are things you can do—proactively—that will mitigate the potential of your

Negative SEO Part II

Negative SEO Part II: How to tell if you have been a victim of negative SEO   Now that we’ve explored a little bit about what negative SEO is and is not, let’s talk

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