Capture visitors

In order to “capture” visitors on the Internet, it takes well designed websites, online campaigns and destination pages to providing an attractive, compelling and generally helpful environment for the visitor. Since digital marketing is far less expensive than traditional marketing, a lower investment of hard dollars is required for entry thus making a return on that investment (ROI) simpler to realize.

Convince visitors

Internet consumers have become conditioned to receiving the information they are looking for instantly and have no problem moving from one website to another to find it. Convincing visitors to stay and even return to your site is essential. We want visitors to find reasons to keep coming back to our clients’ sites. Unique visitor retention is a key to converting a click into a client.

Convert visitors

What constitutes a conversion is unique to the goals of any given website but the general definition is, “… making a website visitor perform specific tasks.” Those tasks might be the purchase of an item, a sign-up for a program, the offer of their email address or even clicking through to view another message. Whatever the goals, Graphic by Cindy will help you to convert your visitors.

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Digital Marketing

In 2002, less than 10% of Marketing Budgets were allocated to Search and by 2007 that number increased 75% This shows the importance of Search Engine Marketing and it’s force in the world of business.

Given the difficult economic conditions faced by businesses worldwide, finding methods of communicating with consumers that offer easily measured and highly accurate analytics is the key to seeing actual returns on dollars invested in advertising. Search and Internet marketing are the fastest growing advertising channels for a reason. The entry costs are low and the consumers businesses want to reach are using digital devices more than traditional media (print, radio and television). So online advertisers using search and social media are finding far stronger returns on investment.

Sponsored listings

It should be noted that when doing search engine marketing that sponsored links only receive 2 – 25% of all the traffic. Over time statistics show that a minimum of 75% of all traffic comes from organic or natural listings. On Google the first two pages (top 20) are searched frequently with anything beyond the third page much less likely to attract visitors.

Why choose us

It is essential you choose a company like GBC Digital Marketing for your project who understands the world of digital marketing.

We have had clients that spent a sizeable sum with other companies only to find out a few months later their site was totally useless for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. GBC Digital  made structural changes to their site, researched relevant keywords using live internet data, then optimized to achieve first page rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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