WodrPress DevelopmentCustom WordPress Development

What sets our responsive WordPress Development apart from our competitors is the way we have developed our proprietary theme framework for your custom WordPress design.

Because we are Web Developers with skills in coding languages like PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS, we have over several years and iterations developed our own streamlined, lightweight, and lightning-fast theme framework for the WordPress platform. This means you can have all the benefits of a WordPress site but can still have a custom design that loads quickly for the search engines!

Think of it as having a hybrid WordPress site.

And we continue each and every month to refine and tune our theme framework to be the fastest and best solution possible for your custom WordPress based website.


WordPress Website Development for YOUR Business

WordPress is the most popular and successful website development platform in the world. So, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want your site to be powered by WordPress. Whether your website focuses on blog content, business solutions, or both, custom WordPress website development for your business is one of the keys to finding better success.

Why WordPress Website Development?

Let this sink in: WordPress has 63.5% of the market share of all content management systems (CMS) in the world. In all, about 445,000,000 websites use WordPress to expand their reach and promote their brand’s messaging.


But, there must be a reason why so many WordPress developers trust the platform, right? Actually, there are several. Let’s look at each one.


The search engines love WordPress.

WordPress is the best content management system for SEO. The creators of WordPress designed the framework so that search engines would gravitate towards it.


WordPress engineers already built in all the tools to help you implement basic search engine optimization (SEO) on your website. SEO is an important consideration because it’s the single most significant factor in getting traffic to your site.


You’ll need all the help you can get to rank well in the search engines. And while WordPress can’t do it all in the SEO department, it does a pretty good job without you having to have specialized plugins to optimize your content. WordPress gives you the headstart you need to get there.


Content management is fun and easy.

Content is the hallmark of your website. WordPress Development makes it fun and easy to create new pages and add content to your website. It’s also easy to add images and make galleries that will interest your website’s visitors.


WordPress also makes adding links a snap. If you want to edit or change up existing content to keep it fresh and relevant, it’s a breeze with WordPress. It makes everything so effortless!


WordPress has plugins that will take your website to the next level.

WordPress plugins are one of the moving parts that will extend the functionality of your website. One way to think about it is like this: Think of WordPress as Mario.


But, if your website has some really cool plugins like MonsterInsights, WooCommerce, or Elementor Page Builder, your supersize your site and it becomes more of a Super Mario. Super Mario has powerups at his disposal to help him do things he couldn’t do before.


That’s what a plugin does. A plugin can help you make a photo gallery, add a shopping cart to your website, create forums, and more. Quite a few of these plugins are available for little to no cost and will easily integrate into your website.


WordPress makes it easy to stay up to date.

From time to time, WordPress will offer an updated version of its software. Lucky for you, the CMS makes it easy to update your website with the latest version without interfering with the appearance or functionality of your website.


That means you’ll never have to redesign your website unless you want to. Updating your WordPress website will keep it secure and safe from hackers.


WordPress also makes it easy for you to update your website’s themes and updates with the click of a button.


You can customize your WordPress site and make it look unique.

While WordPress offers free and paid templates to help build your website, you want to go beyond those. After all, your competition could have the same template.


You want a highly customized WordPress website that makes you look unique. Think of it like this. You decide you want to open a brick-and-mortar store downtown. Are you going to run out and buy the same color paint, use the same types of signs, and have the same interior as the store next to it? Of course not!


You’ll want to do something that makes you stand out from your competition while making it all your own. Your WordPress theme will help you achieve this on your website. You can find something that fits your business, fits your personality, and checks all the boxes. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes you can select from.


Rockstar WordPress Development TeamCustom WordPress Development for Your Business

Even if you’re not a developer, you can create and design your own WordPress website. But, when it comes to a highly customizable solution for your business, many companies decide to have a website developer do it for them and then manage the site themselves once it’s up and running.


The reason? You put everything on the line for your business. Ecommerce in the 21st century is more competitive than ever! You want a custom website that truly defines your business and conveys your brand’s messaging.


Why GBC Marketing in Houston?

We take pride in knowing that we’ve delivered some of the best custom WordPress development websites to customers located around the country. We guarantee an exclusive, unique, and tailored website solution that aligns with your business model.

Our experts have over 15 years of experience in web design and development that include solutions for:

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Plugin Development and Implementation
  • Customized Themes
  • Curation of Customized Templates
  • Web Support and Maintenance
  • SEO


We offer relevant and accessible deliverables that will propel your business forward. If you want to succeed, we’d love to be a part of helping to make it happen.

Here’s are some other things GBC can do for you:

  • Our experts work to deliver results-driven and impactful solutions that work for your industry. From our website coders to our graphic designers and our entire team – we’re professional and committed in all that we do.
  • We’ll help you stay up to date and relevant by installing upgrades, making edits and tweaks when needed, and more.
  • We stay apprised of our industry’s best practices to deliver the highest standard of WordPress Development from our enterprise to yours. This means your website will be fully optimized, secure, and protected, well structured, and perform at its optimal – during and after our development process.
  • GBC will settle for nothing less than the highest caliber in quality and workmanship, leaving no detail unnoticed in your website’s development.
  • We offer exceptional professional services at competitive prices. We strive to help your business make a statement while fully realizing that everything we do is a reflection on us as well. Therefore, we give it our all!
  • Our team keeps in touch with our customers throughout the project to ensure the work we do aligns with your business goals.


Contact our WordPress website development professionals in Houston today to start creating the website of your dreams. Whether you live in Texas or anywhere else in the U.S., we have a rockstar team waiting to help you.

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