Houston SEO Company SEO companies are a dime a dozen. When it comes to SEO services that get real results, our Houston SEO team of consultants, designers, and developers are seasoned professionals.

Best Houston SEO Experts In Digital Marketing

Many local business owners come to us because we’ve established a reputation as one of the best Houston SEO experts in digital marketing.

As an award-winning Houston SEO agency that’s been in business since 2004, we’ve learned just about everything there is to search engine optimization, internet marketing, and web design and development. Those three are vital to creating an effective marketing plan to rank your Houston business higher in the search engines.

Today’s consumers Google everything. As a savvy entrepreneur, you want to know all you can about landing in one of the top Google spots. You’ve come to the right place to learn all about it.



What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is a tactic marketers use to maximize the volume of visitors to a website.

You should know is that SEO is a constant moving target. Google updates its algorithms relatively often, which impacts how SEO strategies will gain the most ground at a given time. Even so, there are a few core SEO practices that are always a good idea.


Our Houston SEO Services Include:

  • Local Competitor and SEO Market Analysis
  • Local Listing Building & Optimization
  • Writing Local SEO Keyword-Focused Website Content
  • Optimizing Your Google My Business and Citation Pages
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Updates on Your SEO & Local Competitor’s Ranking



Understanding Houston SEO

But, first, let’s gain an understanding of how Google displays its search results. Let’s say your yearly allergies are acting up, and you decide it’s a good idea to visit a local ear, nose, and throat specialist. So, you enter the keywords ‘ear, nose, and throat specialist’ in the search box.

Try this on your laptop. Once you hit the ‘enter’ button, take a look at the results. The first few results that are likely to show up will be ear, nose, and throat specialists in your local area. So, for instance, if you’re in the Houston area, your first results will likely display local doctors in the major metropolitan Houston area.

This detail is an important concept because it highlights the importance of local Houston SEO for your business. Of course, not all businesses are limited to their local area. But, if reaching consumers where your business is located is important, local SEO will play an instrumental part in increasing your visibility and prominence at the local level.

After displaying local SEO results, whenever relevant, Google then displays general search results. Those results come from organic search results. Organic search results are also unpaid results. They occur by using organic SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization results are usually determined by relevance to a search query, link building optimization strategies, and other ranking factors.

Learn more about SEO.


How does SEO work for Google?

Chances are, you didn’t land here on this page by accident. Out of millions of results generated for the keywords ‘Houston SEO,’ you landed here because search engine optimization and Google’s complex algorithm determined it would be one of the most relevant pages. Google believes this page will answer your questions based on the content of our web pages and our optimization strategies.

But how did Google arrive at that point? To better illustrate this, it helps to understand the job of search engines and how they work.

Search engines are machines that answer a user’s question. But to do so, they must first scour the internet to discover content.

Once they discover web pages, the search engines gain an understanding of what exists on the pages. Then it can organize the content so that it can deliver the most relevant results in searches.

So the most crucial part of Houston SEO is to ensure that your website is discovered by the search engines so that your business shows up in the SERPs or search engine results page.


Houston SEOSo, how do the search engines work?

And how do they discover web pages in the first place?

Google’s search engines have three primary jobs: crawling, indexing, and ranking.

When the search engine crawls the internet, it looks at content for each URL. Once the search engines go through the content, they index and organize it by keywords and topics. This helps it determine where to rank the content when a user asks a question.

Google’s search engines determine the content’s ranking from the most relevant to the least relevant.


Are all search engines the same?

No! All search engines are not created equal when it comes to SEO. Google is used by more internet users than any other search engine. Up to 60 billion U.S. searches occur on Google every month.

Because Google has the largest market share in the search engine world, most SEO experts optimize for Google. Our SEO agency does. It makes sense to do so.


Is SEO essential for my website?

Absolutely! And allow me to explain why.

When someone wants information or a product or service, they often go online to find what they need. An internet user can access anything they want to know with their fingertips or a few clicks.

Think about the last time you searched online for something. Chances are it was quite recently. You may have searched for a steakhouse near you in Houston. Or, you may have asked Google how to keep caterpillars from devouring your tomato plants.

Now, when Google gave you the results to your query, you likely clicked on the first few results. You may have looked at the first result, then the second to learn more, and maybe even the third or fourth result. But, how often have you looked at results that were displayed beyond the first page?

The answer is likely to be hardly ever. You wouldn’t be alone. Most searchers rarely go beyond the first page of results and, in fact, usually stick to the top half of the first page.

If you fail to optimize your website, it’s unlikely to appear on the first results page when a user performs a search related to your product or service. That means you’re giving leads away to your competition — the businesses in your industry that have optimized for the search engines and found their way in the top of the results page.

It also means that potential customers are not likely to find you. Failure to optimize results in missed opportunities and less growth for your business.

Make sure to place a high priority on SEO to increase the online presence of your business. It’s not only important. It is vital if your business is to thrive in the 21st century.


Local Houston SEOHow can I rank my site on page one of Google?

First, it’s vital to understand that ranking higher on Google is not a process that will happen overnight. SEO, whether Houston SEO or general SEO, is a long-term strategy that involves different practices to increase your website’s visibility.

Let’s learn more about what some of these practices are.


On-Page Optimization SEO

On-page SEO is one of the quickest ways to boost your rankings on Google. The key is to optimize your web pages around the keywords that are the most important for your business and industry.

Bearing that in mind, here are some ways to do it.


Content Marketing

At its core, content marketing is at the center of a winning digital marketing strategy driven by SEO best practices. Without content, your website wouldn’t exist.

Together, SEO and content marketing have changed the landscape of business online.

What does content marketing involve? Here are a few fundamental principles.


Write lots of high-quality content.

Add content frequently to your website and include lots of long-form content that has at least 1800 words. Typically, the more you update your site and the longer and more relevant to your content, the higher a search engine will rank your website.

Write lots of in-depth, comprehensive content about things related to your business and its industry. Anticipate and answer every question a user might ask. Cover all the bases, and Google will take notice.


Make sure your content is linkable.

Search engines are less likely to link your web pages if the content isn’t linkable. What can prevent that from happening?

Many website owners only make their content accessible after a visitor logs in. The search engines frown upon this practice and see it as unlinkable because it’s not easy for users to access.

If you make it harder or prevent others from sharing your content, it also makes it unlinkable.

It makes for a bad user experience all around. Speaking of which…


Give your website visitors a great user experience.

Seamless user experience is invaluable in the eyes of a search engine.

And it’s another thing that will gain traction in search results. A great user experience will help ensure that visitors stay on your web pages. It’ll reduce your bounce rates and keep visitors coming back to your website.

A fast, responsive website on all devices, engaging with your audience, knowing what your visitors want, and optimizing images are some of the primary ways to make your visitors happy.


Optimize keywords for your website.

What are keywords? Keywords are the main search terms related to your business. For instance, if your business is a Houston legal firm, some keywords might be ‘law firm,’ ‘Houston,’ ‘Houston lawyer,’ etc.

The best keywords help you to get discovered by both the search engines and your website’s visitors. They also help both to understand what your web page is about.

There are many ways to optimize keywords for your site.

Frontload your keywords.

That is, place your keywords in the front of your title tag for the best SEO results. When Google indexes content, it prefers title tags with keywords at the beginning of the title tag.

You’ll also want to make sure your keywords appear right away at the beginning of your web page. Most SEO experts get the best results when keywords are located in the first sentence or two of a web page.

Mindfully sprinkle keywords throughout your content.

Add your keywords at least three to five times or so on your web page. Be careful not to add it everywhere as it could be considered keyword stuffing. You just want to place it where it makes sense and seems natural.

Add additional keywords that are related to your primary topic.

Synonyms and related keywords help the search engine better understand what your web page is about. For instance, if the main subject of your content is cars, some related keywords might be automobile, tires, road, brakes, driving, engine, and vehicle.

Mind your technical SEO.

Technical SEO can make or break your overall SEO strategy. Technical SEO includes practices like ensuring your site is optimized for mobile devices, making sure your web pages load quickly and being sure that your web pages are crawlable for the search engines.

Off-Page Optimization SEO

Off-Page SEO involves practices you undertake outside of your web pages to improve your search rankings.

The most often occurs when other reputable websites link back to your site. When this happens, it places you in a better position of authority and makes your site seem more trustworthy. It’s like a stamp of approval from another high-ranking site.

Internal linking within your own webpages is also important. It helps the search engines crawl and find your webpages easier, and it keeps users on your web pages.

Whether you’re link building internally or externally away from your site, the links should be natural and help provide more useful information for your visitors. Link building can be challenging, but it’s vital for high-quality Houston SEO campaigns.


GBC Digital MarketingWhy is GBC Digital Marketing the best choice as my SEO consultants?

GBC Digital Marketing has a portfolio of clients located in the Greater Houston area as well as all over the U.S. Over a thousand small to mid-sized businesses have trusted us to design their websites and build an SEO strategy that works for their company.

We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in our commitment to our clients. We’ve received the top certifications in our industry and stay in touch with the latest internet marketing trends. We want to be the best option for our clients at all times.

Our primary goal is for your business to be discovered by targeted consumers who are most likely in the market for your products or services. That means ranking at the top of the search engines. This can only be accomplished through dedicated and customized SEO solutions that are uniquely tailored for your business and your industry.

Just as you’re an expert in your field, we’re SEO experts in ours. Optimizing search will increase traffic to your site, bring more quality leads for your Houston business, as well as the type of results you’ve always wanted for your company.

But to get there, you need a marketing strategy that leverages the search engine algorithms to work to your advantage. You need a website that utilizes all the latest web design optimization tools that will attract the search engines.

SEO companies are a dime a dozen. When it comes to SEO services that get real results, our Houston SEO team of consultants, designers, and developers are seasoned professionals.

It pays to have a full-service digital marketing agency like GBC by your side. Our Houston SEO experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in creating custom websites and digital marketing campaigns that thrive in today’s marketing landscape. We’d love to be a part of creating a custom solution for your business.

Convert clicks into clients. Our Houston SEO company can make it happen!


Why don’t you have set SEO packages?

A set SEO package would mean one solution for every business. The problem with that is that no two companies are the same. Your Houston SEO internet marketing campaign should be just as unique as your business. It should be customized to fit your goals.

A successful SEO project begins with an understanding of your industry, your target audience, and most of all, your business. Marketing your business can cost as little or as much as you’re willing to budget for your project. Remember that whatever you decide to dedicate towards marketing expenses is an investment in your company’s future.


Why Customized SEO?

customized SEO strategy will increase your online presence while helping you achieve your objectives and goals. When we meet with a client, we strive to understand your goals to determine the best way for you to meet them with your website.

So, you see, there can be no cookie-cutter approach to our Houston SEO services. Your business needs a unique and tailored search engine optimization marketing solution to successfully grow your brand.


How do we customize your SEO plan?

We’ve already touched on some of the key SEO marketing factors. Once again, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content creation and content marketing, keyword optimization, technical SEO optimization, lead generation, and optimizing for all devices, including mobile optimization are essential to your Houston SEO game plan.

But there are other marketing strategies that work together to deliver the search results you want. Some of them are social media marketing, pay-per-click, and local Houston SEO.


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