Negative SEO Part IV

Defending yourself against a negative SEO attack    Negative SEO has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to your site’s rank and reputation. In part IV of this series on negative

Negative SEO Part III

How to prevent a negative SEO attack proactively   While there is probably no bullet-proof way to prevent a negative SEO attack, there are things you can do—proactively—that will mitigate the potential of your

Negative SEO Part II

Negative SEO Part II: How to tell if you have been a victim of negative SEO   Now that we’ve explored a little bit about what negative SEO is and is not, let’s talk

Negative SEO Part I

Negative SEO Part I: key concepts and myths   We decided to create this 4-part article on negative SEO after our own site was hit by a negative SEO campaign for the 3rd time

SEO Myths

Top SEO myths exposed   SEO is fraught with misconceptions as to what it can and cannot do. Is it the magic potion that can take your website to the top of the SERPs?

Business Success – Digital Marketing

Achieving Business Success With Digital Marketing If you already run a successful business in Houston, you have already proven yourself as a leader in your field. But what happens when your business reach finds

Tracking Google’s Algorithm

Tools to Help You Track Google Algorithm Updates   Google’s algorithm updates seem to come fast and furious these days – so much so, in fact, that it might be hard to keep it

Houston SEO Expert

Houston SEO Experts   Houston is a world-class city with a lot going on in just about every way that counts: great food, amazing culture, diversity, vibrant tourism, the country’s top medical facilities, and

Google Ads Keyword Tips

Google AdWords is a popular digital advertising method that can be beneficial to your brand. However, if you are diving in without a net, it can be an expensive proposition. Proper keyword research is

What is the difference between SEO/SEM/PPC?

With so many acronyms floating around in the digital world, your head might be spinning in an effort to get a grip on all of it. What do they mean? Are they important? Do

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