How to Hire an SEO provider in 2020

How to Hire an SEO provider: Straight From Google

Who is in better position to advice businesses on the most proficient method to hire a SEO than Google?

Google is the essential search engine for which SEOs optimize (sorry Yahoo and Bing). Search is Google’s most lucrative item, and Google needs to secure the decency of their indexed lists.

Any data and exhortation from Google concerning SEO is constantly welcome!

On Valentine’s Day Google showed SEOs some adoration by releaseing a video that offers guidance on the best way to hire a SEO proficiently. The video is a little more than eleven minutes in length, and features Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google Maile Ohye.


Maile talks at many conferences, and she is an extremely proficient and amazing moderator.

In this post, I’ll separate my top takeaways and the points she examined for enlisting a SEO.

I advise you watch the video in full. Maile offers keen exhortation and it is unquestionably worth eleven minutes of your time.

Here are my top takeaways. Enjoy!

Key Points

There’s an abundance of good data in Maile’s video, from which I have 7 fundamental takeaways.

  1. SEO Isn’t Magic.
  2. SEO Suggestions Should Align With Google Best Practices.
  3. Good SEO Means Good User Experience.
  4. Quality SEOs will be Genuinely Invest in Your Business.
  5. Check References When Hiring a SEO.
  6. Request a Technical and Search Audit.
  7. Successful SEO Requires Buy-in From You the Client.

We should take a gander at each of these takeaways exclusively.

Search Engine Optimization Isn’t Black Magic


Maile started her recommendation by strengthening the way that SEO isn’t an enchantment shot. There are no alternate ways.

Referring to her experience working with Google for over 10 years, Maile explains there aren’t any supernatural tricks that a SEO can give to make your site rank number one.

Rather, a SEO can just help your site rank where it should rank.

“It’s imperative to note that a SEO’s potential is just as high as the nature of your business or site.”

This exhortation adjusts to our center conviction at Page One Power that your site will just get the connections it merits — your site, page, or resource must be deserving of connections.

Maile additionally addressed the way that it requires investment for good SEO practices to affect your site’s perceivability, and that outcomes don’t occur incidentally.

In most cases, SEOs require four months to a year to help your business first actualize changes and afterward observe potential value.

Regularly, there is an examination stage took after by execution. Indeed, even after usage, changes don’t happen quickly. Despite everything you’ll require time to see the advantages of those upgrades.

SEO Should Align with Google Best Practices


Maile’s most grounded guidance for working with a SEO is to demand they verify proposals and recommendations with exhortation straightforwardly from Google.

You ought to request validation that backings both the SEO’s portrayal of the issue that needs change, and the approach they recommend to finish this undertaking.

Requesting check will keep you from employing a SEO that offers pointless or harmful recommendations, for example, adding keywords to meta tags or purchasing links. Purchasing links falls in accordance with the position Google has dependably had on purchasing links and link schemes.

As Maile brings up, links impact PageRank (organic search visibility). Securing links ought to be a piece of a SEOs work, yet buying manipulative connections is never a decent procedure.

You ought to never conflict with Google’s website admin rules, or hire a SEO who makes proposals against the rules.

Great SEO Means “Good User Experience”


A dependable guideline is that great SEO regularly implies giving a decent affair to your online clients, as indicated by Maile.

“Things like having a mobile-friendly website, good navigation, and building a great brand.”

For reputable brands and sites, Maile prescribes redesigning your arrangement to end up distinctly more light-footed and better ready to implement features fasterr later on.

Quality SEOs Will be Genuinely Invested in Your Business


Maile prescribes you to start your employing procedure with a two-path meeting, to check if the SEO is truly keen on you and your business.

“A good SEO doesn’t focus only on search engine ranking, but how they can help your business.”

Quality SEOs will make inquiries about what makes your business one of a kind and important to clients, as per Maile.

A legitimate SEO ought to get some information about:

  • Your clients/Market Fit.
  • How your business profits.
  • What other traffic channels you utilize.
  • Your competition.

“If the SEO doesn’t seem interested in learning about your business from a holistic standpoint, look elsewhere.”

Maile explains it’s hard to do SEO well without thinking about a business objective, clients, and other existing advertising endeavors. This counsel seems to be accurate for third party referencing, and is something I’ve reverberated here on Linkarati.

“SEO should complement your existing work.”

Check their References When Hiring an SEO


Maile likewise unequivocally prescribes checking references while reviewing potential SEOs.

You ought to converse with past customers to learn regardless of whether they could give helpful direction and work adequately with their groups.

“A good SEO should feel like someone you can work with, learn from, experiment with, and who genuinely cares about you and your business, not just getting your site the highest rank.”

Quality SEOs will need to instruct you and your staff on how web crawlers function, so that SEO gets to be distinctly incorporated into your general business operations.

Ask for both a “Technical” and a “Search” Audit


In the event that a potential SEO has passed your underlying screening, Maile recommends testing them promote by having them lead a specialized and pursuit review.

To do this, you can furnish them with confined view to your Google Search Console and Analytics information. Along these lines they can direct a specialized and inquiry review without having the capacity to really change anything on your site.

For bigger organizations, Maile prescribes procuring various SEOs to lead these reviews, and utilizing that data to choose who you could work with the best.

Quality SEOs ought to organize upgrades in any straightforward structure. The run of the mill design, as indicated by Maile:

  1. The issue.
  2. The recommended change.
  3. A gauge of the general venture.
  4. Estimated positive business affect.
  5. Plan of how to emphasize and enhance the usage or how to analyze and bomb quick ought to comes about not meet desires.

Sound specialized reviews ought to survey issues identified with:

  • Internal connecting.
  • URL parameters.
  • Server network.
  • Response codes.

She additionally has an expression of alert with respect to copy content.

“If they mention that your site has duplicate content problems that need to be corrected, make sure they show you the specific URLs that are competing for the same query, or that they explain it should be cleaned up for long-term site health not initial growth.”

In the hunt review, Maile explains that accomplished SEOs will separate your pursuit inquiries into two classifications: marked and unbranded terms.

For marked terms, Maile states that a decent SEO will guarantee your site is giving an incredible affair that helps clients who know your image effectively find precisely what they require and possibly change over.

For unbranded inquiries a decent SEO will help you better understand the online aggressive scene.

“They can tell you things like here are the types of queries where it would make sense for your business to rank, but here’s what your competition has done and why I think they rank where they do.”

Maile traces a portion of the general watchword change thoughts a quality SEO may propose as:

  1. Updating out of date substance.
  2. Improving inner connecting.
  3. Generating buzz.
  4. Learn from the opposition.

“A good SEO will try to prioritize what ideas can bring your business the most improvement for the least investment. And what improvements might take more time, but help growth in the long term.”


Successful SEO Requires Follow-Through From YOU, the Client


Notwithstanding the SEO you hire, your organization must become tied up with SEO enhancements to be fruitful.

Maile refers to discussions with SEOs, expressing:

“One of the biggest hold ups to improving a website isn’t their recommendations, but it’s the business making time to implement their ideas. If you’re not ready to commit to making SEO improvements, while an SEO audit may be helpful, make sure that your entire organization is on board, else your SEO improvements may be nonexistent regardless of who you hire.” 

Also, that wraps up Maile’s video “On the most proficient method to hire a SEO”. Much thanks to you to Maile and Google for making this helpful and cool video, which benefits website proprietors, businesses, SEOs, and the more prominent online group.



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