Facebook is one of the best platforms for digital advertising as it allows you to target a highly specific audience through their interests and online behaviors. Leveraging the Facebook ads platform, you can tap into a massive audience that may not otherwise be possible to reach using conventional marketing methods.

Whether you are focusing on a local clientele or extending your reach around the globe, Facebook ads can get you there.


As one of the world’s top social media platforms, Facebook is a force unto itself. With the better part of the entire world connected to it in some way, it represents potential in every sense of the word. From connecting with people who share your interests to people who are looking for goods and services just like yours, Facebook is a force of nature unto itself, and something you, as a marketer, just cannot ignore.



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facebook ads

Our facebook ads services include:

  • Building custom landing pages
  • Use of our custom CRM for lead follow-up
  • Call tracking
  • Campaign set up
  • Highly detailed targeting and bidding
  • End-to-end campaign management

Here are just a few of the reasons you should be advertising on Facebook:

1. Your audience is already there

With almost three billion active users worldwide, it stands to reason that you will be able to find an eager audience. Facebook ads allow you to specifically target those people who are most looking for what you are selling, giving you a better chance of cutting through the noise.

2. Facebook ads are cost-effective

Facebook advertising costs just a fraction of other digital and conventional advertising methods, including PPC and SEM. Your campaign can be tailored to your budget and can cost as little as a couple of dollars per day. When your ads are highly targeted to people who represent the most likelihood of buying your product, that is money well-spent! The Facebook ads platform allows you to set spending limits, so you never go over your allotted amount.

3. You probably aren’t getting the most out of your Facebook business page

With recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms, it is difficult to be seen by all of your followers unless they engage with your page on a regular basis. Facebook advertising can help you get back on their radar through boosted (promoted) posts. If you aren’t getting the kind of traction you would like on your page, Facebook advertising is a way to get back on the map quickly.

4. Best targeting options available over any other form of advertising

If you put an ad in a magazine, you are taking a chance that the right people are going to see and respond to your ad. However, you are limiting yourself to a very narrow audience, partially because of the format and partly because you can’t control who your ad gets in front of. With Facebook advertising, you can choose to target geographical regions, age, interests, online behaviors, demographics, connections, and even languages spoken. What you end up with is a well-defined marketplace that is tailor-made for your needs.

5. Facebook ads offer retargeting

Target those “on-the-fence” buyers with remarketing through Facebook ads. This means that people who have already visited your site will be served an ad with products they have already viewed, helping you stay top-of-mind when they are ready to buy. This helps you boost conversion rates and take your marketing efforts to a new level.

6. Find your perfect audience with Facebook ads

While it might take a bit of finessing to find your ideal audience, once you have found them, you can take that template and use it to your advantage, over and over again to grow your reach exponentially. It’s called “lookalike audiences,” and it’s something that can potentially increase your conversions and revenue by a significant margin. A lookalike audience is a new audience that has the same interests and behaviors as the audience you have already found success with. It extends your reach, and it gives you more potential for Facebook advertising success.

How we can help your business grow with facebook advertising

Our award-winning team has been working with the Facebook advertising platform from day one. That means, quite simply, that we have more experience than most and, consequently, more success under our belts than our competitors.

Our facebook ads services include:

  • Customized campaigns tailored to your business needs.We begin by learning everything about you and your business so that we can better define your audience.
  • Complete end-to-end Facebook ad campaign creation and management.From ad creation, audience targeting, graphic design, copywriting, and more, we take care of everything involved in creating, launching, and managing your Facebook campaign. This takes the guesswork and effort out of the process for you, so that you can get on with what you do best.
  • Ongoing ad management.Once your ad is launched, we monitor its progress to ensure you are getting the best possible results. We may launch several ads at once to see which ones are more effective and tweak as we go to optimize.
  • Advanced techniques.While anybody with a Facebook business page has access to the Facebook ads platform, there are many advanced features that can supercharge your results if applied appropriately. Some of these include A/B testing, conversion tracking, retargeting, and lookalike audiences – tools that you might tend to overlook if you didn’t have the experience. Our team is well-versed in making these advanced techniques work for you, helping you grow your business and your audience along the way.


If you are getting ready to dive into Facebook advertising, you need a trusted partner by your side who can guide your efforts to their best possible outcome. Call today to schedule a free Facebook advertising consultation and discover a whole new world of possibilities in digital and social media marketing.