Our Get Booked Leads system

Get Booked Leads

We create a lead generation system for you, we set you up with a dashboard in our custom CRM system (Get Booked Leads) to manage and partially automate follow up for leads from Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Our system manages and nurtures the leads and you then access to manage the leads as they come in. So all you need to worry about is closing those booked appointments! Our system reminds these prospects so they actually show up for the appointment!  Our proven follow-up system sees 15X higher appointments booked and 60 – 80% higher show rates on average than traditional ad agencies.

But that’s only the beginning of the Get Booked Leads System.

The way our system works for getting those booked leads is by using a combination of paid ads through Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) or search driven paid traffic (Google or YouTube) to drive targeted prospects into a custom built funnel for your business. We communicate with and nurture those leads and get them to book an appointment with you. We also can utilize Database Reactivation where we take your existing client database and re-engage those folks to get them to book an appointment with you. The beauty of using your existing database is there is no additional ad spend to acquire those leads.



Our proprietary system can help with:
  • Client acquisition
  • Link building (It’s an SEO thing)
  • Automations
  • Client fulfillment
  • Client retention
  • Serving as a scalable CRM
  • Reputation management
  • Funnels
  • Call tracking, revenue tracking, and lead tracking
  • Increasing ROI on Ad Spend and existing clients


And you can manage and monitor everything through your own Get Booked Leads dashboard, with graphs and charts so you can really visualize the ROI you’re getting.