Data Collection

Once we have your lead magnets and campaigns in place to drive targeted traffic to your funnel for your business, then come the steps where we must collect data and analyze it so that we can properly optimize the efforts. This helps us in advising data driven decisions for your campaigns.

We will collect the data from your Google analytics, our tracking codes, as well as your CRM. We will be tracking the traffic to your site tracking the segmented audiences looking at your pixels to pull in the information we need the raw data for us to analyze.

Once we have all that data will look at it through a historical lens, where we look at the data from the past and say, “okay what does history tell us to expect?”. Do you have seasonal dips, have you done the promotions before and how did those perform?  We’ll also look at external drivers, what changes have happened that are outside of our control that might be changing the data we’re getting…have the referring sources changed? Has technology change something, or is there new technology, what what has changed with our competitors? We also want to look internally…have we made any changes to the strategy lately, have made changes to the website, or have we made changes to the offer? Are we driving new audiences and we’re pulling all this data  and looking at it. We want to make sure that when we are analyzing, are those raw numbers or percentages that we are comparing, if the baseline data is skewed by any outliers, (meaning any numbers that are drastically too big or drastically too small may not be valid so we need to take those out of the equation) and lastly did we pull the data correctly, that it is good data that were using to base this hypothesis off of.

Once we’ve used the various “lenses” to look at the data we will form a hypothesis as to what we think is going on and then we’ll go further down into more drill down metrics looking for things like our share of the search, looking at our inbound links, average session, looking at blog comments, social media followers, how many social shares we’re getting, how many leads are being generated. We’ll be looking at the metrics for promo emails, looking at the conversion rates for the individual finals, looking at the traffic split for offers, looking at the bounce rate for offers, all so we can get to the end goal of turning more leads into customers. So we can maximize what we’re getting on your return for investment.

Once we look at all those drill down metrics will be able to either prove or disprove the original hypothesis that we had which will then give us valuable insights that we can actually apply so that we are not just guessing but, making decisions that are actually data-driven that will have better success for you.


We want to make sure that we are recommending analytical decisions for you, we will be utilizing split testing. We will be utilizing your Google analytics data. We also like to use a qualitative data from a source like hot jar or true conversion which are tools that we use often to see how folks are interacting with the website, and then there’s a plethora of other tools that we will also utilize in optimizing once we have all this data and we’ve analyzed it.

We will be mindful through the entire process of what the goals are at each stage of the funnel as we recommend the optimization choices.