How to Accelerate Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing?

Why Inbound Marketing Is a Key Component Of Your Lead Generation Initiatives

How to Accelerate Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is like a vibrant Daylily drawing a host of butterflies to it. It doesn’t go chasing about trying to generate leads, they arrive of their own accord. The offering is so attractive, inviting and fulfilling that prospects naturally want to pay a visit. This does away with the over used ‘interrupting marketing’ approach. Inbound just provides a bright beacon in a sea of nebulous information. When your target audience is in the early stages of their purchasing decision process, you reel them in with relevant, educative content. This is marketing with major pull generating quality leads from quality engagement.

When we talk about Inbound marketing it encompasses components like SEO techniques, content marketing, business blogs, social media initiatives and events, to name a few. As we unpack these various elements, bear in mind that your purpose in using these strategies is to convert visitors into quality leads. You want them to take a specific action.

Note: whatever you do, don’t try and entice traffic with misleading or gimmicky tricks. If they get lured in and then are disappointed because they feel they have been duped, your brand image will suffer.

You’re dealing with tech savvy, empowered online users who know how to get their required information in a few clicks. They can pull up any details of a product’s specs in an instant. There are thousands of reviews they can read to find what they are looking for, and they can access this information 24-hours a day. So how are you going to make sure you get seen? How can you ensure that you are there at the right time with the right offer to witness a visitor becoming a lead? Are your posts so interesting/unique/educative that visitors can’t wait to share your content with their friends and colleagues? Can you supply superior content for their instant gratification needs?

What is important to note is that the following inbound marketing options work together in a harmonious ecosystem they are not meant to be stand alone strategies. They all work together to generate leads. Deployed as a single strategy it will not be enough of an effort to make your lead generation dreams come true. Here is what your inbound marketing toolbox should contain:

• Blogs. These are not opportunities for you to try and “sell” your product disguised as an article. You want to offer a solution to a prospect’s problem. You want to create value for the visitor, not an advert about yourself. A brilliantly written blog is way more effective than an ad. In fact, it’s 3X more powerful than traditional marketing lead generating efforts. Your blog nurtures leads by offering actionable insights.

• Search Engine Optimization. SEO. These are your keyword tactics. You research the keywords people are typing into search engines to get to products in your industry, and then you pepper them throughout your content so that the traffic finds you. But you can’t stuff your blogs with so many keywords that it is impossible to read. The Google algorithm needs more than loads of keywords to rank you –it’s looking for relevant, useful content for the visitor. If you have created a website that has user friendly architecture with absorbing SEO optimized content, you will draw the right leads.

• Social Media Marketing. Over 71% of internet users are interacting on social media platforms. That is a lot of potential leads waiting for engagement. Social media posts might get you lots of likes but when you add an exclusive offer, a discount, a coupon or a limited time deal – your followers will pay a visit to your website and you’ll experience a flow of lovely leads into your sales funnel.

You can post the latest article from your blog page, upload images of your latest product offering, tell a compelling brand story. But the idea is not just to trumpet away about yourself –you need to build relationships by starting conversations. You can really talk to your prospects and find out what they like, you can also handle a complaint and basically show you are a relatable brand. If people like what you’re posting they are going to share your info., resulting in more leads coming your way.

• Email marketing. Still the most cost effective solution to drawing in more leads. Once you have enticed traffic to your landing page or website you will have the reward of their email address. You can now start with your email marketing campaign walking the new lead through your sales funnel by providing informative content for every stage of the funnel they inhabit.

• Creative Content Culture. Write great stuff. Simple as that. eBooks, white papers, newsletters. Use the power of visuals in videos, webinars and live events. Don’t forget the potency of podcasts.

When you really know the personas of your target market, you can learn to shape content for their specific needs. Tell an evocative brand story. Offer excellence in your content. Stand back and reap the lead generation rewards.

If you would like to revamp or invigorate your inbound marketing ecosystem, we can be your fire starter. Give us a call today and we can walk you through some lead generating options.


/ By: Cindy